Holidays in English in Poland and Great Britain

  • We’ve worked with kids and youth for the past 9 years
  • We have locations in Poland and Great Britain
  • English with native speakers 24/7
  • 101 sessions in 4 countries, 6000 campers
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2 international locations
2023 New season
2 international locations
2023 New season
2 international locations
2023 New season


We founded British Camp nine years ago, committing to the highest safety and teaching standards of British language colleges.

Our values center around providing an English-speaking learning environment, safety for all participants, and support for children. Together, these values unite our team with campers and create a development-friendly community.


35 academic hours of English learning for 2 weeks and a real English-speaking environment with native speakers 24/7.


This summer, British Camp is organizing camps at Hotel “Sielanka nad Pilica” in Poland and Queen’s College Taunton in the UK.


Trips, fun sports activities with trainers, projects, practice sessions, art masterclasses, team games, and meetings with speakers – all in English.


The premises of each location are guarded 24/7 and are under video monitoring. A psychologist, a medical worker, tutors, and coordinators are with campers 24/7.

Choose the location

  • River location

    Warka, Poland July-August Book

    River Location on the premises of a country hotel – Hotel Sielanka nad Pilicą 4*. It is an ideal place for outdoor activities and recreation on 100 hectares of natural landscapes. The property has a modern infrastructure for practicing 10 sports and organizing canoeing on the river near the hotel.

  • Town location

    Taunton, the United Kingdom July-August Book

    International location for campers from Poland and other European countries. Urban location on the grounds of the boarding school – Queen’s College. From the first moments it gives the impression of learning at Hogwarts. It is 14 hectares of opportunities for sports and real British leisure. Modern infrastructure for 10 sports and excursions to London and Tonton.International location for campers from Ukraine and other European countries. Urban location on the site of a boarding school – Queen’s College. From the first moments it gives the impression of learning at Hogwarts. It is 14 hectares of opportunities for sports and true British recreation. Modern infrastructure for 10 sports, as well as excursions to London and Tonton.

Free consultations

Edutainment – we learn and have fun!

In our original programs, our team embraces the concept of edutainment. Through this format, we combine learning with leisure. Campers improve their English interactively – at speaking clubs (a conversation club), English Lessons (grammar lessons), art workshops, and projects. In fact, they try to share their experiences in English even during sports activities, and tutors and instructors support them in the process.

  • 01. Our own themed programs

    Each season, we create unique holiday programs based on current topics from around the world. We choose topics, which are worth discussing and knowing. We study them in English for campers to be able to share their knowledge in the global, international language of communication.

    Our team has created 17 uniquely themed summer programs, some of them in collaboration with such partners as the Museum of Happiness in London, Benfica Football Academy, and 1+1 Media.

  • 02. English language

    English is the official language of British Camp for both the entire team and the campers. We work, play, and relax in English. This creates an atmosphere of comfortable communication and helps overcome the language barrier.

    At every session, campers meet native speakers and English-speaking tutors and participate in 19 English classes. We combine practice and theory during interactive lessons, Speaking clubs, and English lessons. Mastering English is guaranteed during all activities throughout the day!

  • 03. Sport

    Physical development is an important part of our programs.

    We suggest campers try different sports at camp and find their favorite. Each location has its own unique sports activities – you can choose the ones that best suit the camper. We practice traditional British sports such as cricket, tennis, rugby, and soccer.

    As far as outdoor activities go, we choose hiking, field trips, dodgeball, swimming, and a game called “capture the flag”. Sports activities take place in small groups in equipped sports complexes, such as a tennis court, soccer field, swimming pool, and dance hall.

  • 04. Skill development

    We help campers progress and have fun at the same time. Within each topical theme, campers gain a set of practical skills that correspond to modern challenges and needs.

    International communication, environmental awareness, physical development, creativity, communication life hacks – all of this essential knowledge is taught and practiced. During training sessions, campers expand their knowledge of various subject areas, and through team projects, they practice leadership and creativity and demonstrate logical thinking and self-confidence.

An individual approach

Our team takes care of every participant. We offer 7 types of menus: standard, fish-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan, and one for people with allergies. Each location is supervised by a modern monitoring system 24/7. Tutors, a medical supervisor, and coordinators ensure campers’ relaxation and monitor their well-being and health during their stay.

  • Service

    All campuses have their own electrical and hot water systems. In accordance with European service standards, workers clean the rooms every three days and refresh drinking water, towels, and hygiene products.

  • Safety

    Accommodation facilities are available only to campers and the camp crew. Sites are under 24-hour security and video surveillance. We ensure compliance with government security standards as well as those of the American Camp Association.

  • Medical care

    The health of campers is constantly supervised by a medical worker, and tutors monitor compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. In case a camper has any health problems, the medical worker immediately contacts the parents. The sites have medical stations equipped with the necessary medications, as well as examination and restrooms for campers. Medical insurance is included in the voucher price.

  • 24/7 care

    At the end of the camp, each camper receives a certificate with a description of their greatest achievement, a report from a native speaker teacher on their success in learning English, a report from a tutor on the overall experience of their stay at the camp, and a link to an online folder with professional photos.


Meals and menu

Professional cooks and other employees at the locations always follow the required sanitary standards. Tutors alongside a medical worker ensure that campers comply with cleanliness standards, and camp coordinators verify whether menus satisfy the highest quality standards and match individual diets.

Campers’ daily diet includes nutritious breakfasts, hot first courses, a variety of meats and fish, side dishes, dairy products, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, and desserts.

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Tea-time
  • Dinner
  • Snack
  • Corn flakes with milk
  • Hot toast with cheese
  • Cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Omelette with ham and greens
  • Black/green tea
  • Broth with chicken fillet
  • Salad with fresh vegetables
  • Chicken on a skewer
  • Potato purée
  • Homemade bun
  • Cranberry juice
  • Pancakes
  • Sweet condensed milk
  • Fruit mix
  • Juice of your choice
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Medallions of grilled veal
  • Spaghetti
  • Homemade bread
  • Black tea
  • Ice cream with caramel
  • Yogurt of your choice
  • Fruit blend
  • Juice of your choice

The British Camp team

Teachers are certified professionals in the humanities, psychology, and pedagogy, as well as native speakers from the UK, USA, and Canada.

Our tutors, coordinators, and psychologists are professionals not only in their work with children but also in the design of edutainment projects. They have practical experience in their professions and in mentorship in European and American countries.

Vitalii Bresler

Director of British Camp

Almost 9 years ago, I decided to create a project with the goal of developing the tourism industry in Ukraine that would follow international standards. I completed two internships in the USA and participated in study trips to language colleges in Canada. It was there that I learned about modern standards of education and leisure for children, which are now practiced at British Camp! My specialty is teaching English, but at the camp, I enjoy playing soccer the most 🙂 Of course, we also have soccer matches in English!

Daria Bondar

Creative director

I have 6 years of experience in developing edutainment programs. I participated in a cultural exchange program in the US and completed the Disney Institute’s training on international standards in entertainment services.

As a trained medical doctor, I always put the safety of campers and crew first when I create any creative, training, or fan experience. I often find interesting partners for collaboration on camp experiences, such as the Museum of Happiness in London. I regularly attend tea ceremonies to pass on the latest English trends to campers 😉

Ryan Womersley

Native Speaker from the UK

Poland is the seventh country where I teach. Previously, I also taught English in Thailand, Spain, Poland, and, of course, America. I have visited 48 of America’s 50 states with my family! Besides teaching, I am also a sports referee in the US – I referee 6 sports, so coordinating sports games at camp is a pure pleasure!

Anna Anikina

Camp coordinator

I have been in charge of organizing summer vacations for children for the past 7 years, and for 4 years in a row, I have created the best English-speaking vacations at British Camp. My main task is to ensure that the work on site is well coordinated and efficient. At the camp, I take care of the organizational aspects, such as working with contractors, recruiting and training the team, and of course communicating with parents.

The most exciting thing for me is watching everything we have planned for the campers become reality.

Polina Zadorozhna

Program Coordinator

I am a philologist and English translator, and campers know me as the organizer of the best tea ceremonies. My job is to prepare the recreation for each session, including the most interesting training sessions, sports activities, and parties. I also monitor the daily schedule of camp activities: campers’ time for rest, study, and entertainment is under my supervision!

Amy Boliter

Native Speaker from the UK

I studied and obtained my CELTA certification in the UK, and I’m currently living in Spain. I love doing sports, especially dance, and yoga. I have previously worked at sports camps in the UK, Guatemala, Colombia, and Spain. I play the cello and piano, so I will share with campers not only my English skills but also my musical knowledge!

Elizaveta Grekh

Author of thematic programs

Camp is like ‘a small life’, and the program completes it. I do it all for the pleasant reactions of campers because there is nothing better than their sincere smiles and satisfaction during an activity. Getting to know the campers’ desires during live interactions, their hobbies, and their thoughts – all these things not only help me create the program but also inspire me. British Camp is a family – everyone feels like an important part of its universe!

Anna Burlatska

Author of thematic programs

They say there is no such thing as love at first sight, but I know for sure that there is love at first shift! And each season, British Camp only amplifies this feeling for me. My job, on the other hand, is to amplify this feeling in the campers. This is the exchange of energy. At camp, I write, create and implement thematic programs for campers. The best measure of my work is the sparkle in the campers’ eyes after a workout, art masterclass, or theme night!

Adam Davies

Native Speaker from the USA

I was born in Gorseinon, UK, and then moved to the US, so kids often notice my American-British accent. I have a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) and don’t use social media at all, so I’m happy to help campers enjoy their time at camp without gadgets!

Irina Shlepova

Author of thematic programs

My job is to share inspiration. It involves doing everything that is possible and impossible to make sure that campers bring home unforgettable memories, new knowledge, and cool experiences from camp. In return, I get smiles, hugs, and eyes full of happiness and love. I come up with ideas for camp themes and directly implement my ideas at UK camp locations – my role is to be part of our friendly Camp Heroes team.

Maria Kobylinska

Art tutor

At the camp, I am responsible for art workshops that help express and develop creativity. The campers and I have a lot in common: we are very energetic and active, and love workshops! It is very important for me that every activity for children is of the highest quality. I make sure that the atmosphere is truly British, as I also take care of the camp’s decor.

Robert Smith

Native Speaker from the USA

I am from Peterborough, which is a city in the UK, and my full name is Liam Francis Conor. I love soccer, and my name is identical to the name of my favorite soccer club – Liverpool (LFC). I have been working in Ukraine for the past 3 years, and I am returning to British Camp to teach English and play sports with campers!

Liza Pleskachova

Senior tutor

If I could remain a tutor for a lifetime, I would definitely choose this path! Learning about children’s interests, creating an atmosphere in which they enjoy learning and playing, helping other tutors get along with campers, and creating a team… These are not just my favorite tasks, but my dream job! I have 6 years of experience working at children’s camps, but British Camp has become family to me since I first arrived.

Rachel Campbell

Native Speaker from Canada

I was born in Canada, but I also studied in Sweden and Egypt. I love camps for children. I have worked as a teacher and developed camp programs in Canada, Korea, and Malaysia for students from 20 different countries. I also love playing rugby: I used to play on a university team, and now I play with campers at camp!

Maksym Mokhun

Senior tutor

I have been an integral part of British Camp for 3 years. During this time, I have worked as a tutor. Currently, I continue my work as a senior tutor. I am responsible for ensuring that the work of the on-site tutors is of high quality, and I share the best life hacks on how to make campers interested in sports and educational activities. I am happy to share my good humor with others and to prove on my own example that sports are really cool. You can most often find me at the site, playing soccer, dodgeball, tennis, or beach volleyball with campers.

Andrew Amegbey

Native Speaker from the USA

I have been teaching English in Ukraine for 5 years, and I have been familiar with children’s camps ever since I lived in America. In the US, I lived in 7 different states and spent every summer at sports camps in New York and Colorado and participated in the organization of activities for children. I love soccer and parkour and look forward to participating in these activities with campers!

Liam Halls

Native Speaker from the UK

I am from Peterborough, which is a city in the UK, and my full name is Liam Francis Conor. I love soccer, and my name is identical to the name of my favorite soccer club – Liverpool (LFC). I have been working in Ukraine for the past 3 years, and I am returning to British Camp to teach English and play sports with campers!

Real Google reviews

  • My child has been coming to British Camp for several years now: we have been to both the Olympic Village and Grand Admiral locations, and we are absolutely delighted with both places.

    The tutors and native English speakers are wonderful, they find a common language with the children, constantly communicating and playing with them. English teachers passed on extra knowledge well, the child was happy to go to daily lessons. Every day there were sports activities: pool, tennis, dancing, etc. Every evening there were events, movie screenings, discos, concerts, and quests.

    Viktoriia Mykhailiuk

  • I like the caring approach to children’s health. I would particularly like to mention the camp team: they are caring and professional. The counselors encourage the use of English in daily life and teach it in class. My daughter has made new friends, and when she meets kids she already knows, it’s simply a vacation. British Camp! We are with you!!!

    Ilona Parakhina

  • Last summer, my son spent his vacation at the Olympic Village location. This is a great opportunity for a child to get immersed in an English-speaking environment without the stress of moving away from home. Experiences, excitement, new friends, interesting and useful activities, sports, and most importantly a comfortable atmosphere. This was our first camp. My son is looking forward to the next one. This is the best sign for parents. Thank you and see you again:)

    Olena Pavlyshak

  • It’s a great camp. Great trainers and their professional approach to their work is the most important part. Everything at the camp is awesome, and the food is top-notch. And the food is at the highest level. Thank you very much!!! Good luck!!! My son liked it very much and intends to go again:)

    Volodymyr Kolodyazhny

  • We organized a vacation for our child, and we did not regret it: it was an interesting program and a lot of positive emotions and experiences! We were very satisfied, we will definitely go again!

    Anastasia Kravchuk


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